At Home In Ojai
At Home In Ojai
Assisted Living In The Beautiful Ojai Valley

About Us

At Home In Ojai is a 36 bed assisted living facility located in the beautiful and scenic Ojai Valley. We are committed to provide residents an environment that nurtures the independence of the individual through healthy social interaction among residents and the community at large.

At Home In Ojai Stands By Its Core Beliefs Of :


We believe that the center of our daily activities is the individual. We are here for your loved one. Our care will focus on his or her unique needs and specialized concerns. We will work together with the individual, the family and the health care provider for the best care possible for each resident.


Our mission is to allow the continued development of the residents towards the goal enhancing autonomy and independence within the home environment and allow them to continue living independent and productive lives.

While some of us begin to lose our physical independence as we age, we promise to challenge our residents to strive for the autonomy and independence of spirit and mind.

We are committed to integrate the residents with the local Ojai Valley community and take full advantage of the unique features that Ojai has to offer in terms of the arts, culture and spiritual renewal. Whether its visiting a chocolate factory, or going out to eat at a local restaurant, we promise to treat your loved one with dignity, respect and care because they are “at home” now.

Basic Services

  • Nutritionally Supervised Meals

  • Emphasis on Organic/Natural Food

  • Accommodation for Dietary Restrictions

  • Support and Supervision of Personal Care

  • Assistance With Medication

  • Housekeeping and Laundry

  • Religious and Spiritual Accommodations

  • Transportation to Medical Appointments

Special Programs

Alzheimer's Program

At Home in Ojai offers specialized care for those residents experiencing the symptoms of Alzheimer's. Research has shown that  
effective care and support from family and caregivers can improve the quality of life for individuals with this condition. Our staff is trained to handle the individualized and delicate needs of  our residents with Alzheimer's.

Hospice Program

At Home in Ojai offers a Hospice program that allows residents quality care at the end of their journey in a caring and dignified environment of the home. Our Hospice program provides a wholistic approach of physical, emotional and spiritual care to alleviate suffering from terminal illness. We use a interdisciplinary team approach tailored to the persons individual needs and wishes.

Respite Care

At Home in Ojai offers Respite care to provide families and care givers an opportunity to take a break from the daily routine of taking care of a loved one. Respite care is available on a short term or expanded basis, to address crisis respite or planned respite.